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For Beautiful, Clear, Scientific English

Dr Ruth Amos is an experienced editor who will proofread and edit your scientific manuscripts, theses, and funding applications so that they are written in clear and beautiful English.

She also offers a consultancy service, working with you or your students to make each manuscript as good as it can be.

Upload your manuscript for editing, or get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page to set up a consultation or to enquire whether this editing service is right for you.


Academic Editing Services


When you use Fix My English you get editing from me, Dr Ruth Amos.

I have a PhD in Chemistry and ten years experience as a postdoctoral researcher. I have worked in the fields of Synthetic and Physical Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Synthesis, Computational Chemistry, Materials Science, Catalysis, and Separation Science.

Document types

I provide a copy editing and ESL editing service for journal articles, conference papers and proceedings, reports, book chapters, funding applications, academic theses, and dissertations. 

While my area of expertise is Chemistry, I am experienced in editing documents from a wide range of scientific fields.

English as a second Language 

I have experience in ESL editing through working with Dr Gruyter Open and with my own PhD students from countries such as Iran, Korea, and China.

My editing will improve the clarity of the English and consistency of style and formatting of your manuscript ensuring that your work will not be misunderstood or misrepresented. I will edit for word choice, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation.

ESL Editing will ensure that your work will be at the highest possible standard and will have the best chance of publication.

reference formatting

I can also format your references according to the referencing style required for your document. If you want your references to be edited, you must include them in the word count.

Thesis editing

Academic theses will be edited according to the guidelines of the Institute of Professional Editors.

what will you receive?

When you upload your manuscript in a Microsoft Word format I will use track changes and provide you with two manuscript copies – a copy of the manuscript with changes shown, and also a clean copy of the manuscript. I will also provide a short summary of the changes that I have made, with explanations of any major changes.

I am happy to provide email correspondence about the changes I have made if clarification is required.

How It Works

Table of Prices

Table of Prices

  1. Go to the Submit Your Document page
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions
  3. Click on the Submit paper for editing option
  4. Choose the word count option that applies to your document from the drop down menu (if your document is larger than the limits in the dropdown menu please email me using the contact form below for a quotation and payment options)
  5. Add reference editing if you wish for your reference formatting to be checked
  6. Click on the Cart to pay using PayPal or a credit card
  7. Email your document to for editing (I will not perform any editing until payment is received)
  8. I will return your paper by email to the address used to deliver the document
  9. Finally, please give me feedback by email or using the Contact Form below to let me know how happy you are with my work.

... everything that can be said, can be said clearly.
— Ludwig Wittgenstein


Contact Me

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